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Rip-It Reaper FP -10 Softball Bat

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Item Number : REAP6
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Item Description

Design. Power throughout the barrel.

Multi-layer barrel.

The Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat is forged from a single block of Advanced Tempered Ballistic Alloy, so it makes solid contact on every hit. The inner layers are fused together using Beyond Composite Technology so every hit travels farther and feels great from the point of contact.

Single piece power design.

The single piece design of the Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat allows the bat to transfer the largest amount of energy from the bat to the softball at the point of contact. For power hitters, this means no decrease in performance from the bat flexing at the taper.

Weight. What power-hitters want.

Going deep.

All fastpitch softball power-hitters want a bat with just enough weight on the end so they can drive the ball farther, without sacrificing bat speed. The Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat gives power-hitters the best possible endload so they can control the bat, swing fast, and hit the ball as deep as possible.

Grip. The endload that is easy on the hands.

Feel the contact, not the sting.

The Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat has a grip that was designed for power-hitters. The raised ridge gives fastpitch softball players a secure grip while still keeping their hands loose. Plus, the memory foam technology helps the grip mold to each individual softball player's hand. The result is a grip that helps you swing better while eliminating vibration and sting.

Stops vibration and sting on mishits.

Because the grip on the Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat is made from memory foam technology vibrations from mishits are a problem of the past. Hits off the end of the bat, or right above the handle will no longer be a concern for fastpitch softball players.

Looks. The most feared bat in softball.

The meanest bat in your bag.

The Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat has a very intimating look. That is another reason why the Reaper BEST bat is such a great fit for fastpitch power-hitters. The combination of a fastpitch power-hitter stepping to the plate with their Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat tells the pitcher that they mean business.

Guaranteed. To be the best fastpitch bat out there.

Buy, try, and decide.

Like all of our RIP-IT products, our Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat comes with our exclusive "Love it or return it" policy. This means that when you purchase a Reaper BEST fastpitch softball bat from the RIP-IT store or any authorized retailer, we offer free returns and free return shippingı within 30 days of purchase. This is our way of showing players the amazing performance of our bats so they can then compare them to other fastpitch bats they may have used in the past. We think our bats are the best, and so will you after you purchase one today.